18 | 05 | 2024

The Serbian Actuarial Association (SAA) is professional association established with the purpose of developing and improving the actuarial profession and insurance field. SAA is devoted to applying actuarial science in practical work, educating actuaries and caring about public interest. SAA was established on 31.01.2002. SAA became a full member of the International Actuarial Association in 2007. The first president of the SAA was prof. Dr. Jelena Kocovic, who successfully led the association for 10 years. The assembly of SAA unanimously elected Branko Pavlovic for president of the SAA from 01.07.2012.

The main activities of the SAA:

  • development of the role and improvement of the reputation of the actuarial profession, and the promotion of high standards of professionalism among actuaries,
  • promotion of mutual respect among actuaries,
  • organization of research projects in the insurance field using actuarial methods,
  • education and training of actuaries as a very important activity,
  • consulting and taking stands on issues related to actuarial work,
  • cooperation in the preparation of legislation,
  • cooperation with and consulting to insurance and reinsurance companies, pension funds and social security funds, banks and other financial organizations,
  • development and implementation of the actuarial Code of professional conduct,
  • publication of scientific papers,
  • collection of relevant literature,
  • publication of an actuarial journal,
  • organization of seminars, conferences, lectures and courses on innovation, and discussion forums,
  • future personal professional development of actuaries,
  • participation in research in the field,
  • networking and cooperation with similar associations in Serbia and abroad and
  • cooperation with the ministries and institutions of the Republic of Serbia, which are engaged in the development and application of actuarial science.